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Rok Hrastnik

Rok Hrastnik is the owner of

He is currently working as the E-commerce Manager for Studio Moderna, the leading Central and Eastern European direct marketing company.

Marketing is a constantly evolving field and its function is becoming increasingly important for the success of any business, large or small. While its approaches, methods, models and tools are constantly developing, its principle foundations have remained the same for over a hundred years.

Rok Hrastnik's primary focus is helping companies achieve better business results through efficient planning and implementation of up to date marketing strategies and using modern marketing tools. He does this through personal consulting, strategy development and implementation, Internet development, articles, special reports and speaking engagements.

Rok views marketing as an integrated process that should be based on information, efficient communication on all levels and profitable client relationships. Every company is a unique entity and should market as such, taking in to consideration all of its individual characteristics and those of its external environment.
Although his primary focus is marketing, he combines it with entrepreneurial, project management and technology product development experience.

Carreer Highlights

  • Is currently serving as the E-commerce Manager for Studio Moderna, the leading Central and Eastern European direct marketing company.
  • Served as the Internet Manager of the largest Slovenian business daily newspaper, Finance ( through 2004. The web site is also recognized as one of the most successful business web sites in Slovenia, while the Internet department of the business daily is recognized as one of the leading in the European Union in terms of relative profitability.
  • Helped a Slovenian financial consulting company DBM d.o.o. ( increase its sales volume by 300% in 6 months and by five times in one year, using only the Internet, and with an investment of only 1.500 USD. They achieved this using advanced internet marketing strategies, and now use the Internet as their sole means of attaining new prospects, converting them to clients, educating them and managing relationships with them.
  • As Boris Vene?s and Nikola Grubisa?s foreign markets agent for their book ?The Millionaire Mindset: How to Tap Real Wealth from Within?, he organized the translation of the book using an accomplished U.S. editor and writer, and then got the book published as an e-book in August 2002 by one of the best recognized U.S. marketing experts, Joe Vitale, and led the marketing activities throughout 2003.
    Web site:
  • Acted as the internet marketing consultant and strategist for Iskratel d.o.o. (, a global telecommunications systems developer and provider, throughout 2002.

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