April 26, 2004

Rok Hrastnik

Rok Hrastnik is the owner of MarketingStudies.net.

He is currently working as the E-commerce Manager for Studio Moderna, the leading Central and Eastern European direct marketing company.

Marketing is a constantly evolving field and its function is becoming increasingly important for the success of any business, large or small. While its approaches, methods, models and tools are constantly developing, its principle foundations have remained the same for over a hundred years.

Rok Hrastnik's primary focus is helping companies achieve better business results through efficient planning and implementation of up to date marketing strategies and using modern marketing tools. He does this through personal consulting, strategy development and implementation, Internet development, articles, special reports and speaking engagements.

Rok views marketing as an integrated process that should be based on information, efficient communication on all levels and profitable client relationships. Every company is a unique entity and should market as such, taking in to consideration all of its individual characteristics and those of its external environment.
Although his primary focus is marketing, he combines it with entrepreneurial, project management and technology product development experience.

Carreer Highlights

  • Is currently serving as the E-commerce Manager for Studio Moderna, the leading Central and Eastern European direct marketing company.
  • Served as the Internet Manager of the largest Slovenian business daily newspaper, Finance (http://www.finance-on.net) through 2004. The Finance-on.net web site is also recognized as one of the most successful business web sites in Slovenia, while the Internet department of the business daily is recognized as one of the leading in the European Union in terms of relative profitability.
  • Helped a Slovenian financial consulting company DBM d.o.o. (www.Donos.net) increase its sales volume by 300% in 6 months and by five times in one year, using only the Internet, and with an investment of only 1.500 USD. They achieved this using advanced internet marketing strategies, and now use the Internet as their sole means of attaining new prospects, converting them to clients, educating them and managing relationships with them.
  • As Boris Vene?s and Nikola Grubisa?s foreign markets agent for their book ?The Millionaire Mindset: How to Tap Real Wealth from Within?, he organized the translation of the book using an accomplished U.S. editor and writer, and then got the book published as an e-book in August 2002 by one of the best recognized U.S. marketing experts, Joe Vitale, and led the marketing activities throughout 2003.
    Web site: http://www.themillionairemind.net
  • Acted as the internet marketing consultant and strategist for Iskratel d.o.o. (www.iskratel.si), a global telecommunications systems developer and provider, throughout 2002.

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April 14, 2004

The infoMarketing e-Zine

What's the catch?

We believe in three things:
a) learning by example and studying real-life experience;
b) sharing practical marketing info and data that can help you increase your marketing results;
c) marketing is becoming increasinly based on relevant information, hence the name infoMarketing e-zine.

In affect, it's all about added value for the customer, a successful marketing model, communication, metrics, analysis and optimization.

Twice or once a month you'll receive:

  • Marketing experience diaries
  • Extraordinary marketing case studies to boost your creative juices
  • Commentary on the latest developments in the marketing world
  • Practical how-to advice and ideas

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What is RSS?

Why use it?

1. It's 100% opt-in, meaning you only receive the content you want and you can easily remove any feed when you don't want it anymore.

2. It requires no e-mail address and is not delivered to your e-mail address.

3. You get content exactly at the time it's added to the content feed.

4. Content actually gets through and cannot be blocked by various filters, since this is a completely different system.

5. No viruses, no trojans, no dangerous content.

Let's not reinvent hot water and take a look at a definition of RSS by Dana VanDen Heuvel (http://www.danavan.net):

"RSS is a "techie" acronym for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, depending on who you talk to, the time of day and the day of the week. Also referred to as an RSS feed or XML feed, this protocol is an application of XML that provides an open method of syndicating (or distributing) and aggregating Web content."

In other words, RSS allows internet publishers to deliver and distribute their content summaries and links in such a manner that they can be read on special easy-to-use software, news aggregators, or implemented on other web sites to deliver links to their latest content in the most accessible format today, XML.

How it works?

1. You first need an RSS reader, which is special software you can mostly get for free. A list of readers is available here.

2. You can now start adding new content feeds to your reader. Whenever you see an image saying RSS Content Feed (or RSS, XML, Syndicate this, etc.) you can, if this indeed is the correct link, add the content feed in to your reader.

Click on the link and then open your RSS reader and add a new chanell. (for more instructions on how to add RSS feeds to your reader, please see the instructions for the software you chose).

3. RSS feeds are actually just XML files that your reader will regulary check to see if they've changed from the last time you read them. It will then display the new links and content summaries (in some cases even full-text versions) and allow you to click through to read complete articles in its browser.

If you need any help just e-mail us at support@marketingstudies.net and we'll be most happy to assist you.

A list of RSS readers: click here
Additional explanation of RSS: click here
More on RSS publishing: click here

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About MarketingStudies.net

Mission Statement

We market and conduct business in an ever changing world where new marketing models, tools, procedures and similar are introduced almost every day.

In reality, most of these are merely new marketing stunts created to capture and dazzle new clients, recycled approaches or simply theoretical models that look great but don't work in practice.

MarketingStudies.net is here to present the marketing professional with a critical and realistic view of these, and at the same time provide an in-depth analysis of strategic approaches that combine timeless marketing facts and know-how with modern marketing tools, demonstrated through real examples.

Only you can solve your marketing problems, since only you can really understand everything that influences your business. It is our mission to provide you with information and examples to make your job easier.

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