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Response by Chris Dodson, Mightier Than The Sword

Email was supposed to lighten the load, kill paper and make life easier but instead it has added to the problem. We're talking quality versus quantity here. Today I fired up my PC after a week away to find my spam filters had trapped over 400 emails but still some got through. I had over 100 emails that needed to be read (yours included). A few years ago I never had this problem but now it's just added to my workload. So I deal with email by scanning, quick responding, filing and deleting. To use such a tool to deliver marketing materials is a waste of time.

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Response by Bob Thompson,

Clearly email marketing has some tough challenges, primarily spam and viruses. It seems premature to call "dead" something that people are still learning to use. But email marketing is sick, and I hope we find the cure for spam.

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What is the Internet Population Anyway?

First, everyone hoping for such a radical change of consumer behavior must take in to account the entire population, not just some of its smaller sub-groups.

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The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Let me start off by saying I agree with Rok's statement that a change from email marketing to some other technology for marketing does involve a change in consumer behavior. However, I disagree with his assessment that Internet consumers are as technophobic and resistant to change as he paints them. Here are a couple of facts that I will use to counter his statement ...

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The Myth or Reality of the Death of e-Mail Marketing Debate, Part 1

Is e-mail really running its final lap as the preferred e-marketing tool? Will RSS (or one of its future versions) really replace it? And, is there really a future without e-mail (at all)? This article starts an open debate on whether e-mail has a future in marketing and in general communications as well. Comments are most welcome ...

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