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September 30, 2003

Response by Chris Dodson, Mightier Than The Sword

Email was supposed to lighten the load, kill paper and make life easier but instead it has added to the problem. We're talking quality versus quantity here. Today I fired up my PC after a week away to find my spam filters had trapped over 400 emails but still some got through. I had over 100 emails that needed to be read (yours included). A few years ago I never had this problem but now it's just added to my workload. So I deal with email by scanning, quick responding, filing and deleting. To use such a tool to deliver marketing materials is a waste of time.

A few years ago I started sending out press releases to journalists by email. It seemed ideal because it helped them perform better ie they could cut and paste bits of my release to save writing the whole thing through. Nowadays I never, repeat never, send a release via email because they just don't check their electronic In Trays. They have too much to do. So I've resorted to the old tried and trusted methods of fax and snail mail. So much for technology making life easier.

I reckon authorities around the world will get their act together and find ways of limiting email access because of spam pressure. Something has to be done to stop the daily junk cluttering the world's networks. If we don't take care of it ourselves, the world's government's will do it for us which would be bad for everyone. Self regulation rarely works but it is an option.

Chris Dodson
Mightier Than The Sword

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