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Constant Change

Change is the only real constant.

a) Information spreads faster than ever.

b) New markets constantly rise and fall.

c) New market players are constantly entering existing markets or creating new markets.

d) New marketing techniques are introduced nearly daily.

e) Political and economical stability no longer exist.

f) Consumers are changing brands faster than ever before.

g) Technology is constantly improving --- thus making technology based competitive advantages nearly nonexistent.

This is the world we market in.

Marketers must embrace change as an advantage, exploiting it and finding new opportunities in it. And with change, marketers must change as well, adjusting to it and taking advantage of it.

Marketing strategies should be eternal. Today, they are not. Keep in mind your principal strategy, but don't be afraid to adjust it to change.

Become a fast moving business, ready to change if change so demands. Sooner or later it will ... grow with it, do not let it destroy you.

However, regardless of change, if something works, do not change it. Build on it. If you predict it will stop working, carefully evaluate, changing it only if it becomes evident change will bring greater results. If possible, test before changing.

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