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Marketing as an Integrated Communicational Process

As first established by guerrilla marketing, marketing is all communication a company has with its environment, which includes all of its key target audiences, such as prospects, clients, partners, investors, general public and the media.

Consequently, all activities that include communication fall under marketing, especially sales, advertising and promotion, public relations and customer relationship marketing, as well as other communicational activities not generally associated with marketing, such as presentations, communication with government officials, communication with employees and similar.

All these must be integrated under the marketing function, all portraying the same image, gradually building it to one day become what the company envisions. Again, all communication a company has with anyone or through anyone builds its image.

Image is the combined result of all communication, whether be it for the purpose of sales or simply for the purpose of purchasing equipment or similar.

In addition, marketing should also be a process, not a one-time activity. Combining all communicational activities, setting guidelines for them and adjusting them accordingly to the marketing strategy will gradually form the wanted communicational process, where every activity will eventually lead to a sale or increased profits.

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