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Introduction to Strategic Marketing Pillars

Strategic marketing pillars combine the basic marketing principles and concepts that form the marketing philosophy, which we convey through our work, information products, activities and advice.

They form the essence of what we are, of what we aim to become and of what we wish to help other businesses with.

Their development is based on personal experience, exemplary business cases and proven marketing approaches as developed by other successful marketers. You may as well regard them as a collection of marketing concepts and ideas that have been proven in practice by many successful marketers.

The Pillars contain the essential marketing elements that can be applied to every business, carefully weighted and customized for the business' unique circumstances.

Instead of being tactical by nature, their importance is strategic, thus making them easily adjustable for any modern company that embraces change as the only reliable constant.

The Pillars are not to be used blindly, but rather with deep concentration on how they can be applied to a specific business in order to increase its marketing results and profits.

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