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Client Relationship and Customer Service

Attaining a client is only a small portion of the actual work needed with the client. Real profits are made through client retention and constant sales to an already attained client.

Client retention requires thorough client relationship management:

a) Gradually developing the relationship.

b) Attaining insight in to the client.

c) Attaining relevant information from the client.

d) Rewarding the client.

e) Adjusting marketing and communicational activities to the client and his preferences.

f) Finding what the client's needs and expectations are and then exceeding them.

g) Increasing the value of the client.

h) Increasing the client's satisfaction.

i) Keeping constant contact.

j) Listening.

Customer service is one of the basic elements of developing client relationships. Companies should continuously work on improving their customer service, thus increasing the client's satisfaction.

Customer service is not only a helpdesk or having an on-line support center, but is expanded to meeting every requirement of the client, as long as financially feasible. Customer service is about getting the company closer to the client --- doing the way the client wants it, without aggression or unwanted intrusion.

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