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The John Botscharow Interview #8: RSS Not Only a Content Delivery Medium

Rok: Could you please explain more about why regularly updating quality content is much easier and much more effective using an RSS-based system? Because RSS is basically just another content delivery medium, and updating content is just as easy with any Content Management System that does not necessarily deliver content in RSS as well.

John: Saying RSS is just another content delivery medium as is email is the same as saying a car is just another way of getting from point A to point B as is a horse. Which would you choose to get from one point to another?

And as far as RSS systems go, there are various kinds of RSS systems, some better than others. Quikonnex is the best there is out there, IMHO. Using Q as opposed to, say, setting up your own RSS system is the same as buying a Mercedes off the showroom floor with a lifetime service agreement to buying all the part for a Yugo from a scrap yard and putting it together yourself without a blueprint!

As far as RSS as a content management system as opposed to a delivery system, the real advantage with using RSS is that it allows others to syndicate your content and for you to syndicate theirs. But that involves a lot of technical stuff that most people don't know how to set up and use. But Quikonnex has all that set up for us and all we have to do is post a little bit of code into our pages for any feed we want to use, including non-Q feeds like yours, which I syndicate both on the Daily and my 3R Marketing site.

Getting people to syndicate your content is very powerful. The search engines love it because of the links to you. And the people doing the syndication love it because it gives them dynamic content, which boosts their search engine rankings.

I use PHPNuke as the content management system. Nuke has a built-in syndication feature which is RSS-based. So I get the benefits of syndication coming and going. I suspect that any CMS that has a syndication component in it uses RSS. A CMS without syndication, IMHO, is not worth the time and effort!

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