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Public Speaking

Internet Marketing in Slovenia

As the premium and traditional Slovenian internet event (Net Konferenca 2005) proved once again, there is a huge lack of understanding and knowing direct marketing in Slovenia. And if direct marketing principles aren't used, internet marketing just doesn't work. On a more positive note, my session was completely 'sold out', with people waiting in line to get in. Also take a look at some photographs of me handing out awards to the lucky winners of the Izidor award for 'web excellence'.

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More Notes on Speaking - Doing the Best You Can

What happens when your PowerPoint presentation is missing? Could it be the best session of your life?

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Some Lessons on Speaking

This time, however, the audience took me by surprise. Evidently, they weren't marketers. Even worse, they were the users --- the target audience we're marketing to with that project.

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