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Various Marketing Ramblings Redesign - Hit or Bust?

The New York Times just publicly released their website redesign. Hit or bust? The key question from the website optimization viewpoint is whether the company actually split-tested the website live, on real users, and compared it against the old version to see how the redesign influences their key metrics.

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A Personal Story of Helping Hurricane Victims

One of my business partners, Karen M. Wilson, who was instrumental in helping me launch the RSS e-book on the US market, is one of the people you don't get to read much about in the mainstream press. But her story of how she did her part to help hurricane victims certainly deserves to be heard, perhaps even more so then most stories you can read about in your newspaper.

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Internet Marketing in Estonia

With the constant lack of time, I didn't really have the time to write anything about my speaking in Estonia last week. Exploring internet marketing there actually helped me establish a much better global perspective of our industry, especially comparing it with the US and with my home market, Slovenia.

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The Revolution in Online Conversions: Google Analytics

Up until now, small-business marketers and independant marketers really didn't have that much choice in comprehensive web analytics services, as most were beyond their financial reach. Now, every marketer has been given an opportunity to dilligenty whatch their web metrics, especially their online conversion scenarios, and act on them to further improve his online conversions.

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Don't Put Obstacles on Your Conversion Path

The Sales Conversion Path is the online process that takes an online prospect and brings him to ultimately placing the order or any of the other key steps that aids you in your online sales process, be it in B2B or B2C online marketing. See how SiteExecutive are doing it wrong by placing obstacles on the way ...

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The Crazy Idea of Using Blogs for Business

Input from Slovenia on using blogs for business, and a great example of a mainstream publisher starting their own blogging service.

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The 7 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Small Business Marketing System

I just love John Jantsch and what he's doing teaching small business owners how to market their products and services. On September 21st he'll be doing it again, this time with a free teleseminar entitled The 7 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Small Business Marketing System, which he developed especially for his blog readers, but also extends the invitation to you.

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Heart Kids Blogathon

My friend Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon and, surprise surprise, an internet marketer. And he also innovatively uses internet marketing to help kids born with heart defects ...

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Authentication, Accreditation and Reputation for E-mail Marketers

''By now,the words 'authentication,accreditation and reputation' (AAR) are staples of every email marketer's vocabulary. Generally speaking, marketers understand that these solutions are aimed at reducing spam and phishing. Unfortunately, however, much of the discussion around these developments has been technically dense, leaving many feeling hopelessly on the outside looking in. This white paper takes the clutter out of the confusing AAR story and focuses squarely on what marketers need to know to be successful in language that marketers can understand.''

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How New Michigan and Utah Email Laws Affect You

On July 1st two new U.S. state e-mail laws, which impact all e-mail marketers, came into effect. Penalties include jail time as well. E-mail marketing just got even tougher ...

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