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March 2005

March 30, 2005

Marketing Integration: Let's Just Go Back to Faxing

One blogger 'suggests', as a response to my article on bloggers having to use e-mail, that we should perhaps even go back to sending broadcast faxes. And strangely, in a way, I agree with him, but without the sarcasm. This article is my case on why the question 'RSS OR E-mail' doesn't matter. What matters instead is learning how to best combine multiple channels, which include even broadcast faxing. This is the 'age of the customer', and any pro-choice decision in the favor of the customer does not mean going backward, but forward. [Updated]

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Short and Sweet Interview With Seth Godin: Liars, Blogs and RSS

Seth Godin is getting ready to release his latest book with a highly controversial title All Marketers Are Liars. There's a blog, too. And liars' noses available from Seth. And then there's this short but sweet interview I just did with Seth ... Sorry guys, no audio this time.

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March 28, 2005

Defining the Relations Between Blogs, E-zines, RSS and E-mail

The #1 Mistake Most Blogs Do article generated quite some interesting feedback from the blogosphere. What especially strikes me is that somewhere along the line we started comparing apples and oranges, and lost some much needed objectivity. Let's take a closer look at the relations between blogs, e-zines, RSS and e-mail.

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Marketing Information With Blogs

'There?s more to blogs than egos, rants, and opinions. Blogs are ideal marketing tools for authors, publishers, and conference or teleseminar producers who value ease, speed, and low cost.' Roger C. Parker provides us with another excellent short report ...

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March 24, 2005

#1 Mistake Most Blogs Do

This might sound strange coming from me, but the #1 mistake most blogs are doing is not publishing their content via e-mail, as a supplement to RSS. Just think about it: while RSS is growing strong, it still only penetrates about 5-6% of the American online population. Furthermore, according to a recent BlogAds survey, 'only 12 percent of the blog reading audience said it used RSS always or often'.

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Blogs Still Marginal: Does It Matter if It's a 'Blog'?

'Few US adults are aware of blogs ? just 7% say they are 'very familiar' with them, compared to 56% who say they are 'not at all familiar.' Similarly, few read blogs regularly.' Not surprising at all, since most blog readers probably don't know they're reading blogs anyway ...

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March 22, 2005

Roger C. Parker's How to Profit From a Blog

Roger C. Parker is the guerrilla that pioneered the concept of One Page Newsletters, which are e-zines packed with excellent how-to information that you can absorb in less than 5 minutes. His latest, How to Profit From a Blog, perfectly continues that tradition.

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March 14, 2005

Free E-book: 14 Biggest E-book Design Mistakes

Roger C. Parker was good enough to share with me some of his most valued experience on creating book bestsellers, and among those were his tips on how to best design an e-book that speaks to the reader and actually markets to him through its design. You can get his PDF here ...

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March 9, 2005

Email Marketing Brings In $15.50 per Dollar

E-mail, it seems, still generates a positive ROI, even though it's having huge delivery difficulties. It actually delivers a return of $15.50 per campaign dollar, which is better than direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. On the other hand, RSS is the channel we can count on to get our content delivered.

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March 8, 2005

New Insights in Marketing with Online Articles

While most internet marketers are using syndicated internet content only to drive traffic to their web sites, generate leads and increase credibility, there are definitive strategies for turning online articles in to direct sales tools for practically instant sales conversions.

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March 7, 2005

Bombed Promotion - Back-End Success

When David Garfinkel was hired to help a sports production company get a lot of hot, interested prospects to their trade show booth, the actual trade show turned out to be an unimaginable disaster. But David's sale letter worked wonders in an unexpected way. It turned out the buyer for one of the nation's largest retailers was a hockey fanatic. He had every piece of hockey stuff you could think of ... sticks, pucks, helmets, posters, jerseys, you name it ... and they were plastered all over his office.

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March 5, 2005

All Blog Comments Gone

Now I did it. Frustrated with all the comment spam on my blogs I installed a plug-in to remove it all or most of it - comment spam that is - but not the relevant comments from real people. Now, all comments are gone:(

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March 3, 2005

What is Open Source Marketing?

'Today's consumer is unrecognisable from even just twenty years ago. More savvy, more skeptical, wealthier, better informed, less deferential and generally more in control. The advertising industry, however, is still largely using tactics that were created in the 1950s, like the 30-second ad slot. The result is that consumers find advertising irrelevant, or even ir-ritating, and are increasingly using technology like PVRs to filter it out of their lives.' Does the solution lie in open-source philosophy?

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