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Project Development:

All Blog Comments Gone

Now I did it. Frustrated with all the comment spam on my blogs I installed a plug-in to remove it all or most of it - comment spam that is - but not the relevant comments from real people. Now, all comments are gone:(

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Third E-zine Issue Stats

Hard data on the third e-zine delivery stats with some interesting developements ...

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Second E-zine Issue Stats

Hard data on our e-zine delivery stats, more precisely from the second e-zine issue sent ...

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No More Comments

We're closing down most of the comment features throughout due to an increasing comment spam problem. But no worries, the Marketing Diary comments will continue to work ...

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New "Marketing Without E-mail" Column ... Why Are We Publishing It?

Want to know more about publishing without e-mail? We have a new regular column for you, and it's certainly different from what you can usually read on the internet. Even I don't agree with it:)

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First E-zine Issue Stats

More hard data on our e-zine delivery stats. The actual relative numbers haven't changed noticably in comparison with the first e-zine mailing (the announcement) we did.

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The Difficulties of Delivering e-Mail & The First Issue of the infoMarketing e-Zine Coming Tomorrow!

Check out the metrics we got from sending out the e-mail announcement for our new e-zine. Delivering e-mail is becoming increasinly harder, and here are some numbers just to show you how much harder. Also take a look at a 'brand new' e-mail delivery model ...

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Design, HTML and CSS for Marketers

Marketers aren't designers or techies, right? Well, at least to some extent it is useful to be one, as I learned once again from developing the web site.

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