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Marketing Stories

Joe Vitale's New Book Launch Campaign

Joe Vitale has another bestseller up his sleeve, and has again employed his tested strategy on how to reach bestseller status on Amazon in just one day.

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Great Customer Service, Not Branding Creates Brand Loyalty

Branding is important, no doubt about that, but brand loyalty is best generated by excellent customer service, especially in this day and age, and not by "traditional" branding activities.

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The Future of the Marketing Diary

I've been giving alot of thought lately to what should happen to The Marketing Diary, due to the fact that I really don't have enough time to post regularly, considering all of my marketing projects and the other blog, The RSS Marketing Diary.

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Joe Does It Again, After Taking On Potter For Yet Another Round

Well, Joe Vitale, after managing to achieve top honors at and Barnes and Noble with his book last week for a couple of hours, did it again this week ... again taking #1 for a couple of hours, this time at Barnes and Noble.

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Joe Vitale Beats Harry Potter

It happened about an hour ago. Joe Vitale managed to beat Harry Potter to achieve #1 bestseller spot on for his The Attractor Factor book, and he did it with practically no budget and no offline media support.

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Short and Sweet Interview With Seth Godin: Liars, Blogs and RSS

Seth Godin is getting ready to release his latest book with a highly controversial title All Marketers Are Liars. There's a blog, too. And liars' noses available from Seth. And then there's this short but sweet interview I just did with Seth ... Sorry guys, no audio this time.

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Bombed Promotion - Back-End Success

When David Garfinkel was hired to help a sports production company get a lot of hot, interested prospects to their trade show booth, the actual trade show turned out to be an unimaginable disaster. But David's sale letter worked wonders in an unexpected way. It turned out the buyer for one of the nation's largest retailers was a hockey fanatic. He had every piece of hockey stuff you could think of ... sticks, pucks, helmets, posters, jerseys, you name it ... and they were plastered all over his office.

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The International Direct Marketing Fair Report

I just got back from the International Direct Marketing Fair in London, where I had the chance to talk with some of the best direct marketing minds in the UK and the world as well, as well as catch up on all the latest direct marketing news, developements, products and trends. Here's a short report on what was going down, and also on what wasn't covered at all but should be (such as RSS, blogs and split-testing).

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George Bush and the Parachute PR Stunt

How a resourceful marketer got George Bush to parachute to the PIA's Symposium and turned the event in to a PR darling.

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Reaching People With a Creative Message

More than on a large financial investment, successful marketing depends on creative strategies and tactics that succeed in reaching the right target audience, communicating with them and helping them act. When Caty Woodstrom wanted to get the attention of her market for her flower arrangements business in San Francisco, she demonstrated her abilities without breaking the bank.

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