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August 2004

August 31, 2004

RSS Marketing and Publishing

What is RSS and how to use it to deliver your content. Should you replace e-mail with it?

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New "Marketing Without E-mail" Column ... Why Are We Publishing It?

Want to know more about publishing without e-mail? We have a new regular column for you, and it's certainly different from what you can usually read on the internet. Even I don't agree with it:)

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Marketing Without E-mail: Introduction

This is the first part of the new bi-weekly column on marketing without e-mail by John Botscharow. John's main thesis is that e-mail doesn't work anymore and that we should all just switch to RSS. See if you can agree with him ...

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August 30, 2004

More Excellent Customer Service:

Why are we so surprised by good customer service? Shouldn't it be obvious that companies that want to make money should provide it? Well, I was surprised once again, this time by ...

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The John Botscharow Interview #13: Building RSS Readership

How to increase your RSS readership, not including search engine positioning?

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August 27, 2004

The John Botscharow Interview #12: What is RSS and How to Get Readers?

What actually is RSS? What tools do people need to 'read' direct-to-desktop channels? How can you get them to start using the tools and subscribe?

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The John Botscharow Interview #11: Making People Jump Through Hoops Using E-mail?

Are marketers really making their customers jump through hoops because they sometimes require their e-mail addresses?

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The John Botscharow Interview #10: How John Switched from Using E-mail

The title says it all ... Also, did he really give up e-mail alltogether?

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August 25, 2004

The John Botscharow Interview #9: The Implications of Refusing to Use E-mail

Refusing to use and accept e-mail is a very bold move, especially considering the possible consequences. How difficult is it to stop and what do you risk?

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August 24, 2004

The John Botscharow Interview #8: RSS Not Only a Content Delivery Medium

Is RSS really not only a content delivery medium ... or is it something more?

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The John Botscharow Interview #7: Direct-to-Desktop and Search Engine Rankings

John argues how switching from e-mail publishing to direct-to-desktop publishing actually helped him increase his search engine rankings. Why? The answer just might surprise you ...

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August 23, 2004

First E-zine Issue Stats

More hard data on our e-zine delivery stats. The actual relative numbers haven't changed noticably in comparison with the first e-zine mailing (the announcement) we did.

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Exemplary Customer Service:

How surprised me with excellent customer service and turned me in to their customer evangelist. And it only took them one e-mail!

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The John Botscharow Interview #6: Personalized RSS?

John calls me an e-mail addict:)

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The John Botscharow Interview #5: The E-mail Customization Myth In-Depth

John gives more explanation on why he believe e-mail customization is a myth ... from the small-business point of view. Also read about corporate dominance over the internet ...

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August 21, 2004

I Need Your Help -- Our ChangeThis Manifesto Proposal

OK, our ChangeThis manifesto proposal is now up for voting. If enough people vote for it, they'll ask us to write it for them. But we need your help ...

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August 20, 2004

The John Botscharow Interview #4: The E-mail Customization Myth

See why John believe that e-mail customization is a myth ... and his stance on why customization is no less pushy than other e-mail approaches ...

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August 19, 2004

An Excellent 'Classical' Banner with a Direct Marketing Twist

This is one of the best banner ads I've seen in a long time. I don't really know how it's performing, if it at all is, but I simply love it. Notice its direct marketing twist ...

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The Difficulties of Delivering e-Mail & The First Issue of the infoMarketing e-Zine Coming Tomorrow!

Check out the metrics we got from sending out the e-mail announcement for our new e-zine. Delivering e-mail is becoming increasinly harder, and here are some numbers just to show you how much harder. Also take a look at a 'brand new' e-mail delivery model ...

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Google Campaign Stopped & Other Updates

After only about a week of working on the Google AdWords campaigns we decided to temporarily pull the plug on them, even though one of the lead generation campaigns was performing at a 21% conversion rate. See why ...

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The John Botscharow Interview #3: The Attitude

The attitude of e-mail marketing VS direct-to-desktop marketing

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August 18, 2004

The John Botscharow Interview #2: The Strategy

Find out about the strategy behind direct-to-desktop marketing and the fundamental difference in relation to e-mail marketing ...

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Perfect 'Customer' Service and ChangeThis

How would you feel if you received two relevant 'customer support' e-mail letters just a few hours after writing something about some company in your blog (and not letting them know you wrote this!)?

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August 17, 2004

The Art of the Start and The Customer Evangelist Manifesto

Don't you just love world-changing manifestos, especially if they're on your favorite subject, marketing? ChangeThis has two great ones: one on starting an up-start by Guy Kawasaki, and the second from two of my favorite authors, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, on Customer Evangelism.

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An Ongoing Interview with One of the Most Aggressive Anti-E-mail and Pro-Direct-to-Desktop Evangelists

John Botscharow of 3R Marketing is, in my opinion and observation, one of the most agresive anti-e-mail and pro-direct-to-desktop publishing and marketing evangelists on the internet today. Now, he agreed to do let me interview him on the subject:)

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August 16, 2004

New Enlightened Salesperson Campaigns

We're just about to embark on a series of niche marketing campaigns for the Enlightened Salesperson using the Google AdWords program and Overture.

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Leaving Finance: New Challenges Await

I'm leaving my current primary client and taking up a new account with one of the largest Central and Eastern Europe Direct Marketing companies.

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The Maya Maya Campaign: When Marketing Stops Working

When implementing a great marketing idea, as the Maya Maya case proves us, the implementation must be just as good. On the other hand, their ideas rock (I just got more info on their campaign) ...

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August 7, 2004

Offering an 'Actionable' Discount

See how a clothing company builds innovative brand interaction by getting prospects to climb mountains.

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August 6, 2004

Latest Marketing Results

Get the latest hard-data on how we're doing with the Enlightened Salesperson, including our conversion rate ranges, marketing partnership sales, etc.

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Log Analysis Results ... and What You Can Learn From Them

What we learned from our log file anaysis in combination with our split-test data and what we plan to do about it (courses of action).

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