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April 14, 2004

Design, HTML and CSS for Marketers

Marketers aren't designers or techies, right? Well, at least to some extent it is useful to be one, as I learned once again from developing the web site.

It's usually recommended that we stick with what we know best, and design and technology are not it when it comes to marketers.

However, developing a "simple" site might prove much easier and faster if we do it ourselves, provided we know what we're doing of course.

The web site is a perfect example of this. It took me about 24 hours to put everything together, from the design, the HTML code to CSS formatting. And let's not forget installing and modifying the MovableType CMS (Content Management System) to run the web site on the back-end ...

Sure, it helped that I once developed web sites for a living and helped plan and develop a content management system, but that's beside the point:)

The point is that when we know what we're doing we should invest some time in to doing some things ourselves, instead of outsourcing them.

We just might save some additional time and valuable resources ...

And don't think that outsourcing would take any less time. Don't forget about the long hours of working with the design team, the tech team, testing, modifications, etc.

By the way --- the web site is far from over and doesn't look anything like what I had in mind:), but it's a start.

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