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September 9, 2004

Second E-zine Issue Stats

Sorry it took me so long to post these numbers, but time has been extremely short these past few weeks (isn't it always?).

Anyway, we published the second issue of our infoMarketing e-zine on 2004-08-30, with the subject: [MarketingStudies] RSS Marketing and Publishing

Here are the basic statistics:

Total list size: 1409 [total subscriber count]

Confirmed (double opt-in) subscribers: 1010 [71,68%]
[the number of people that actually confirmed their subscription]

Total recipients after "remove" list check: 962 [95,25%]
[the total number of people that the mailing was sent to after comparing the list with our removals list]

Undelivered: 39 [4,05%]

Removal requests: 5 [0,52%]

You can compare this with the first issue that went out on 2004-08-20:

Total list size: 1373

Confirmed (double opt-in) subscribers: 981 [71,45%]

Total recipients after "remove" list check: 938 [95,61%]

Undelivered: 51 [5,4%]

Removal requests: 6 [6,40%]

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