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April 13, 2005

Marketers, Wake Up!

"If e-mail is such a pain in the rear, why are marketers and (of all people) their analysts (i.e. Jupiter) so militantly dismissive of emerging technologies like RSS? I can only conclude it's a combination of 'fear of the unknown' and 'this world moves too fast... we just figured out e-mail... give us a break!'"

This is a quote from Jeff Molander's latest article, and certainly good food for thought.

Here's another interesting one:

"A survey (of marketers themselves including the likes of including IBM, Dell, Apple,, Barnes&;, American Airlines, and L.L. Bean) found that only 42 percent of such companies responded within 24 hours, down from a high of 63 percent in 2002. Ha! The IRS? They respond on an average of 19 minutes."

Really no need to comment any of this ...


This is a good point.

Posted by: Genie at December 11, 2005 8:13 PM
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