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Google Campaign Stopped & Other Updates

Temporarily Pulling The Plug on Google

Even though we only started with the Google AdWords campaign for the Enlightened Saleperson recently, I decided to temporarily pull the plug on it.

After spending $112 and getting no sales, and that on a web site that still converts at roughly 9% (excluding the Google campaign), it's time to approach this more strategically.

I do realize that $112 is practically nothing, but still enough to convince me that Google deserves more of my attention, which was up until now very much close to zero.

So, it's back to the drawing board to:

a) analyze all the campaign statistics and web site longs until this point to further optimize things;

b) develop a more sound Google strategy that goes beyond just the first test.

Am I surprised? Yes and no. "Yes", because back in my mind I was hoping we could perform better on Google from the start; and "no" because this was only a preliminary test without much invested effort.

A Preliminary Success: The Lead Generation Campaign

On the other hand, one of our Google campaigns was performing with success.

Instead of leading people to the sales oriented mini-site we were promoting a free e-mail report series that "should" get them to purchase over a longer period of time. So, basically a lead generation campaign.

Our conversion rate from clicks to registered leads was 21%, which might be quite good.

But still, I pulled the plug on this one because I want to wait and see how these leads convert to customers over a period of one month. I'll let you know as soon as I know:)

Other Fronts

1. I just submitted a proposal for a ChangeThis manifesto for the Enlightened Salesperson.

2. Currently working strong on fully developing the marketing partnership program ... it's a huge effort, but once we're done, it just might become the landmark of how to approach marketing partnerships using only your customer base:)

We'll see ... but as always, the internet is a strange place and it could go either way.

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