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More Excellent Customer Service:

Why are we so surprised by good customer service? Shouldn't it be obvious that companies that want to make money should provide it?

Shouldn't it be obvious to them that the only way to repeat business is through beyond-the-sale activities? is a company like that and it depends mostly on repeat business and getting people to spend more and more money with them every week.

So their customer service really shouldn't come as a surprise, right?

Well, this kind of customer service does. They just called me in Slovenia from the US, asking me if I have any questions and whether I need any additional help from them. And they did it exactly a week after I started the campaign with them.

Many other companies depend on repeat business as well, but why don't they call us, asking us how they can help?

Sure, they only called me because they want more from me ... but don't all marketers? They're just doing it much better than most others I know ...

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