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September 22, 2004

Everything Starts and Ends With People

As I noted once before, everything stars and ends with people.

We started preparing the Law and Marketing Communications book (hard-cover) at the business daily Finance about a month ago, just after receiving the final manuscript from the authors.

My plan was (quite naive, now that I look back at it) to have everything ready by September 15th.

The final corrections should have been done in a few days and then submitted to the authors for final approval. The authors should have returned the final version one day after, when it would have been sent to the designers to be finished by the 15th.

Everything was ready and the timing was perfect ... on paper.

The authors spent five days approving the final version and adding their comments. It took us another day to fix what they changed.

The designers, who were waiting for us, now had other urgent projects and could not finish the book on time, so we had to find new ones. That took another day. Tomorrow, hopefully, we'll get the book to print.

Just one thing went wrong and the whole plan collapsed. We're now 7 days late, and add another 5 days for printining. Yes, publishing a book in one month is still quite quick, but not quick enough.

Marketing should have started a week ago. No luck here as well, since the "powers that be" needed more and more time to confirm the final book cover.

The plan was great, but we got stuck. It happens. Count on it.

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