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Test Results: Optimizing Web Sales via Web Advertising Analysis

At Studio Moderna, we recently started with intensive web advertising / direct marketing campaigns for some of our brands online. I'm happy to be able to share some of our findings, which can be of assistance when planning your online campaigns with the aim of facilitating direct sales of consumer products (fitness category).

The campaigns were being analyzed in real time by our partners, Iprom, which is one of the leading providers of ad measurement and serving solutions in Europe.

In one of the first such studies in the world, after a 1 month research period, which included advertising on 85+ web media and 50 different ad creatives, our preliminary results show that new customers were, on the average, exposed to the ad creative 16.9 times before making the purchase. The campaign reach was 100,000+ internet users and standard IAB ad creative sizes were used (728x90px and 160x600px; static .jpg files). This is just one of the 67 variables we are currently watching and analyzing.

What do these results tell us?

While it's still to early to be completely certain, but based on this data we can presume that the optimum ad impression frequency is 17 impressions per user, after which we either cease the campaign or start advertising another product.

These of course can vary from campaign to campaign, based on ad creative and the product advertised. But it does tell us that each campaign needs to be carefully analyzed to establish the optimum impression frequency per user, in order not to waste funds.

Furthermore, the results show that established standards for impressions do not always work. Namely, much previos research by other companies showed that the optimum number of ad impressions per user per campaign is app. 9, which in this case is proven completely wrong.

By knowing the right number for our company, we are now able to precisely plan the required frequency to reach maximum effect for our money.

We are of course continuing the research and expanding it to all of our 20 Central and Eastern European markets, and we will be sharing more results (especially aggregate results in the attempt to establish valid standards) as they become available.


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