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December 23, 2004

Robin Good Got Me Again!

It's been a long time since I posted seriously to this blog. It's not that I forgot or, even worse, gave it up, but there was so little time these past few months that I could merely sleep.

Taking a new position at an international company does take its toll:)

And there was another thing keeping me from the blog ... and Robin Good just announced what to the world ... but not before "tricking" me in to an audio interview:)

Actually, we were having a little chat on RSS and my upcoming book on it, and Robin was recording the whole thing, without letting me know. In the end he told me of course and kindly asked for permission to publish the "interview" on his web site. And no, this is not one of those "I was tricked in to revealing all of my secrets, blah, blah ..." kind of things.

I was especially pleasantly surprised when I got to his site and read his opinion:

There is nothing like this I have seen before. This is a pretty monumental guide to RSS/Atom newsfeeds and their effective use for online marketing, business and publishing. Rok has entitled it: "Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS: A Marketer's Guide to Understanding and Taking Advantage of RSS for Marketers and Publishers".

Head on to Robin's web site to get the rest of the story ...

Now you know it. Watch out for beginning of January.

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