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April 22, 2005

Joe Does It Again, After Taking On Potter For Yet Another Round

Quite a catchy title for the post, right?

Well, Joe Vitale, after managing to achieve top honors at and Barnes and Noble with his book last week for a couple of hours, did it again this week ... again taking #1 for a couple of hours, this time at Barnes and Noble.

He used the same strategy as the week prior, generating large day-focused sales by providing a number of e-bonuses with the print book to the customers that buy in the given time-frame, and using e-mail (his own lists and those of his partners) to get the message out.

The simple lessons in this are:

a] What works, works. If does, do it again. And if it still works, consider doing it again. But of course, take care not to overdo it. Such tactics work only if they are not repeated too often.

b] Independant marketers can do it.


great work

Posted by: Adipex at October 9, 2005 1:57 AM
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