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November 14, 2004

When Bad Management Destroys Great Marketing

A few years ago I did some heavy marketing consulting and development work for a company experiencing constant decreases in their business.

Together, we managed to substantially increase their sales and create a strategy that later brough them to more than tripled sales and to opening new offices in other cities.

Saying that the work we did together was and still is my personal favorite marketing success, would be an understatement. This has been a case I spoke on at seminars noumerous times.

About a year ago the company started having huge management problems. The CEO, otherwise a great guy and also a good friend, started having increasing problems with his internal communications, motivation and even employee loyalty.

People started leaving one after the other, and not just "the grunts", but management people and his top sales reps as well.

A company that once, not so long ago, had over 30 people and was present in all the largest cities in the country, has now been reduced to about 4 ... and it almost makes my eyes water.

All of this because of management issues.

A company that could have become the absolute market leader is now slowly fading away ... perhaps even in oblivion.

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