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30% of All Slovenians Love Spam?

Our national telecom operator seems to think so, at least based on their recent 'research', prestented at the 2nd Central European Direct Marketing Congress this past week.

I guess no one explained to them that spam only constitutes ilegitimate e-mail, such as the e-mail no one actually subscribes to.

It must be easier to talk about e-mail marketing simply as spamming, since it does save you some lines of text on the presentation.

What matters most is that after 6 years of market education, slowly demonstrating to companies why spam is not a good option, some large company with the largest share in the telecom market appears and starts confusing legit e-mail with spam, only with the intent of selling their e-mail marketing services ... or spam services, as they call them.

My only message to the guys in Slovenia is: Grow up. Don't play the big boys (or girls) if you don't understand the difference between spam and legitimate e-mail that people actually subscribe to.

And don't ever try to demonstrate the power of e-mail marketing, in terms of using third-party lists, using the example of your own product, which your clients actually want to know about. Oh, you already did ...

Well, here's a marketing 101 lesson for you: if you're trying to prove that e-mail marketing works for advertisers in your (our) country, try proving that with actual third-party ad campaings, instead of using your own company (which your list already somewhat trusts and actually wants your product) as a case study.

And just when I started thinking that Slovenian internet marketing might be picking up, some large company makes the capital mistake and publicly 'destroys' the essence of e-mail marketing ...

BTW - I'm wondering what our legislation enforcement officers think about their statements, especially since SPAM is ilegal here?

Power to direct marketing, at least to "real" direct marketing".

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Posted by: olo at December 20, 2005 10:11 AM

no no namietnelaski search

Posted by: polo at February 16, 2006 3:35 PM

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