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Authentication, Accreditation and Reputation for E-mail Marketers

Alastair Tempest, the FEDMA Director General, just sent us the latest whitepaper on Authentication, Accreditation and Reputation (AAR) for E-mail Marketers, the new vocabulary for fighting spam and phishing.

A very useful read. You can download it here.


"By now,the words "authentication,accreditation and reputation" (AAR) are staples of every email marketer's vocabulary. Generally speaking, marketers understand that these solutions are aimed at reducing spam and phishing. Unfortunately, however, much of the discussion around these developments has been technically dense, leaving many feeling hopelessly "on the outside looking in."

For the most part, the technological implementation of authentication is the responsibility of an organization's IT department and/or its email service and technology partners. But at its core, successful email delivery under an AAR regime necessitates adherence to various ISP/Web-based email client delivery requirements, careful monitoring, and sending consumers the most relevant and wanted communications. This places the onus for deliverability success right back on the shoulders of those in charge of their organization's email campaigns - marketers.

This white paper takes the clutter out of the confusing AAR story and focuses squarely on what marketers need to know to be successful in language that marketers can understand, and answers:

--> Why are mailbox providers developing and implementing AAR solutions?

--> What are the leading AAR solutions,how do they work,and how will they benefit legitimate marketers?

--> How can I navigate AAR successfully?"


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