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Turning Your Blog in to a Traffic Engine

I don't get to do much reading these days, although I'm your regular marketing literature freak. Just too busy most of the time, somehow juggling from project to project.

But, there is one short e-book (just 100 pages) I did manage to read this past week, and it's certainly too good not to be blogged about.

I'm talking about Rescue Your Blog! from Tinu, who I really respect as a marketer and a person as well.

Now, I usually disslike blogging literature, but this is very different, as it focuses on transforming your blog and your blogging activities in order to achieve higher search engine rankings ... and on writing your blog in such a way that it actually helps you achieve your online business goals.

In terms of techniques, Tinu goes from stuff that SEO experts already know (such as that multi-word keywords are better at producing actually buyers than single-word keywords) to some very specific and little-known blog SEO promotional tactics.

Certainly highly recommended, and I do plan on implementing her suggested tactics as soon as I get some time to actually do them.


Very good post and a great help

All the best

Steve Dovey

Posted by: Steve Dovey at January 18, 2007 10:36 PM

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